New Volume Pot

The volume pot on my amp (EAR859 13w SET) is getting a bit noisy so I thought I'd change it for a stepped attenuator. According to the schematics it is a 4k7 log.

So far I haven't been able to track any down. So how could I accomodate a different value without causing a loss of sound volume?


No, the value of the pot isn't that critical, but...
Keep in mind that your source is going to see a 4.7k load. That's pretty low, and some phono stages, tape decks, CD's etc. may have a hard time with it. I regard even 10-20k as on the low side for input impedance. 47k is a good compromise, although many pieces use 100k, or even 1M.
If you're using a source whose output is capacitor-coupled, you're almost certainly getting a *very* high rolloff in the bass.
Really, the only reason to have an input resistor that low is to reduce cable-related sonic problems. I'll leave that one up to you.
By all means, change values if you like. At that point in the circuit, there's plenty of lattitude. (Or leave it the same, if you want...)