New vintage lover here loaded with many goodies


2010-10-03 2:36 am
I am new here and I love vintage stuff! Here is some of the stereos I own!

Fisher CA-880 Amplifier
Fisher CA-7000 Amplifier
Fisher FM-660 Tuner
Fisher CR-125 Cassette Deck

Marantz 2230 Receiver ( 2 of them )
Marantz 2250B Receiver

Sansui 881 Receiver
Sansui 9090DB Receiver
Sansui G-7000 Receiver
Sansui AU-717 Amplifier
Sansui TU-717 Tuner

Dynaco FM-3 Tube Tuner
Dynaco SCA-35 Tube Amplifier

Pioneer SX-1050 Receiver

Harman Kardon 300C Receiver

Kenwood Basic C1 Preamplifier ( 2 of them )
Kenwood Basic M1 Amplifier
Kenwood KA-801 Amplifier
Kenwood KA-6000 Amplifier
Kenwood KA-7100 Amplifier
Kenwood GE-1100 Equalizer ( 2 of them )
Kenwood KC-106 Preamplifier
Kenwood KC-207 Preamplifier
Kenwood KC-208 Preamplifier
Kenwood KM-106 Amplifier
Kenwood KM-207 Amplifier
Kenwood KM-208 Amplifier
Kenwood KM-209 Amplifier
Kenwood KD-76F Turntable
Kenwood DP-M7730 CD Player
Kenwood KX-77CW Cassette Deck
Kenwood KT-87 Tuner
Kenwood KT-815 Tuner
Kenwood JL-885 Tower Speakers (2 pairs)