New USB 2.0 digital audio interface card

Should you need the drivers for it, this is the response I got when asked for them:

I'm sorry for the late response. I had problem with my Microsoft Account last month, so I can't access this mail box for couple of days.
I think the reseller had already configured it with JLsounds' VID & PID, so, please use JLsounds' driver directly. You can download it from
Of course this device can work with any generic USB audio driver. Which means you can configure it with the VID & PID of your favorate 3rd party USB audio driver by yourself. Here is the software tools you may need, . Sorry we only have Chinese version manual currently. You may need google translating it.

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2008-08-21 11:12 am
The vendors assertion .."Of course this device can work with any generic USB audio driver." suggests it is UAC2 compliant and as such should work with moOde out of the box.

If you encounter problems try setting the 'UAC2 fix' in the moOde System Configuration tab.

Though I would investigate the JLsounds device...;-) (it may well be an upgrade)
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This is the xmos device I use with moOde (and other O/S) it seems to have universal driver (or the diyinhk one for windows) and works well with my ES 9028/38/18 dacs
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