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New, unused AD1862N and AD1865N-J DAC chips

Paddy Garcia

Paid Member
2014-04-28 1:09 pm
Virginia USA
After running a couple of group buys it seems silly to make people line up and wait, so I've been ordering a couple dozen AD1862N at a time. Same pricing as the group buys, without the wait.

AD1865N-J are $27 each, limit 2. No further 1865s, build an 1862 DAC :)
AD1862N are $49 per pair, limit 2 pairs = 4 chips

Often I have DAC and PSU 1 boards in stock, add $3 per board.

Shipping is per order:
US shipping $14, which is insured (ie, I'm responsible until it hits your mailbox)

EU, Oz, NZ, JP, IL, IN shipping $22, which is insured to most, but not all places. The post has been good with no losses and I've built up a reserve from the shipping fees so I'll personally insure to EU, Oz, NZ, JP, IL, and many other destinations.

Payment via Paypal in US$ or €, or € bank transfer @ Wise. I try to ship within 1 business day of payment and will send you tracking info once the package is on the way.



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