New units crossover adjust

Hi this my forst post here, im from Denmark, i hope someone can help.
I need to put new units in old but quite nice "Avance Concrete 170"

That's why I need to customize my crossover filters.

The new units are these:
Tweetter Vifa/Peerless D27TG-35-06 (6 ohm)

Woofer ScanSpeak (Vifa) M21WO-39-08 (8 ohm)

The old ones are these:
Tweeter Vifa D25TG-55-06

Woofer Unknown but perhaps M21WO-39-08 but im not sure.

The original crossover filter consists of a 3rd order filter for the tweeter and a second order for the woofer

Here is the picture of the filter and diagram as it is now and a drawing and filter whiteout capacitor hack on the woofer (shown as gray in drawing).




I have no idea how big the coils are so to get the filter tuned correctly for the new units I will change capacitors, coils and resistors.

Are there any of you who can understand the filters that can calculate the values of the new components.
This thread suggests it will work ok
Avance concrete 170. Upgrade or love on?
New capacitors and clean fuse holders could help.
Mundorf Bipolars should be easy to source for the values given. I like the simple and effective idea that you can adjust tweeter level by placing the fuse in your any of the three positions, you will need to experiment. Once happy with one position you could bypass the fuse section for better sound quality

If the tweeter isn't an exact match you may need to tweak the inductor or capacitor combination on that. Some measurements or a friend who can do measurements would be handy.