New to DIY speakers, EU based

Hello, so this is my first post here :)
I am a programmer and guitar player, and after tinkering with Arduino projects and smart home automation I arrived to the DIY audio sector. Just purchased a TPA3116 amp to have around to test things out and currently looking forward to getting some speakers maybe, though I am still not sure what I want to do.

I have been inspired by the Boominator design and what to do my own speaker, the problem is that I live in an apartment and I don't have the tools nor time to build my own enclosure, hence I am looking for EU based suppliers that provide cabinet kits that can be assembled without minimal tools.

I was thinking first of making 2 woofer 2' speaker design, or a 2x4' one with a piezo tweeter. My plan is to eventually make a 2x6.5' design with a piezo speaker with high efficiency, like the Boominator, but I am currently far of from that.

So if anybody knows of a place to get cheap cabinet kit or even a place that can build a cabinet for you from schematics is highly appreciated. I can source the actual speakers locally, but I just need an enclosure to fit them in. Doesn't need to be HiFi, just need to be cheap and hopefully have decent sound :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that 3D printed enclosures are also an option since I have access to a 3D printing service
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Hi raresserban and welcome to diyAudio. I used to think that the cabinets were the biggest challenge, but got over that fear. Places that sell MDF and Ply will often cut it up to your spec for a small additional cost. So that could be an option.