New to DIY; Need Help w/ Single Speaker Amp


I'll introduce myself first as being completely new to the world of DIY circuit design, short of a couple weekends' worth of reading and several hours in DipTrace. I have a small PCB etching setup ready to go, but short of that, I'm generally at a loss unless I'm given a

I had an old RCA Victor radio burn out a little bit ago, and it left me with two really nice sounding speakers but nothing to drive them. I've been reading about basic amplifier circuits on the internet for a while, and since I happened to have a Rohm BA546 IC laying around (long story about that), I threw together a quick setup in DipTrace based off of a 6v Amp circuit from the Rohm datasheet.

PCB Layout
Schematic from BA546 Datasheet

Now, the only thing I have at hand to power this is a 5.0-v DC power supply, which may not be enough in the end, nor do I think that this chip will be able to power these speakers. I honestly have no idea of the specs of these things... I'll put a picture up to see if anybody can ID them, but seeing that they are from the 1950s out of a generic radio, I don't have high hopes. For what it's worth, it's a setup of a 3.5x5" driver and a 2.5x3.5" tweeter, roughly.

Second and third alternatives I've found:

Any thoughts? Please, do point out anything I have wrong and any better alternatives there are.

Much appreciated!
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