New to DIY/electronics - Melbourne (Australia)

Hi all! I see there have been quite a number of intros from other Melbournites too... I'm in the outer Eastern suburbs - are there any hobby clubs or meet ups etc. specifically relating to DIY (Pro) Audio?

I'm a total newbie to the engineering side of audio, but after spending a few hours troubleshooting a centre image phase cancellation issue (total mono image hollowness) and tracking the cause down to how the cable in use was wired, it inspired me to want to learn a lot more! (And stop buying things I could make/fix myself.

I'm a strong supporter of niche communities in general and so naturally that makes me a Peterson fanboy - Colour and the rest of his and others' educational DIY Kit projects are invaluable to the growth of our little niche and I'm looking forwards to slowly but surely lifting the mist of mystery from my laymanism.

Hello Dylan, welcome
Hola, bienvenido


Gracias :) (Hablo español, pero solo en casa con mi novia chilena)

Catalan is a confusing language to me - I read or hear it and feel like I should understand but my ears aren't working properly haha a similar feeling to Portuguese (at least Brasilian).

It's good to see so many different countries and languages reprsented here :)

Sorry to the rest of you - I couldn't see how to multi-quote!

Thanks for the welcome everyone :)