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Hello DIY Audio Community,

I've been getting into DIY audio design and while looking for resources I found this forum. I've been designing some enclosures and getting to the point where I want to build them (pictures attached). It's so hard to tell what is going to sound good so I'm wavering on picking a design. Pics 2/3 are a home set-up using linear exciters paired with 2- 12" subs in a fifth order folded horn. Snip 1 is a concept based on a unity/synergy horn that would fit in the back of my hatchback. It's 6" sundown car audio subs in a vented box, paired with a planar tweeter and 4" mid-bass driver. The idea being that I would be able to use it while driving, but also open the hatch rotate the box 180 deg and listen to it outside the car.

Currently listening to:
a Sony STR-K7100 home theater system
a table top DIY 3D printed rear loaded horn enclosure with 2 Tang Band 1878 3" drivers.


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