New System Purchased

OK, after a couple of weeks pondering the situation and finding this group...I've purchased the start-up equipment. From Inventory Solutions, I purchased an Elmo HP-A305SD (7300 lumens/575w MH bulb) and an nView Spectra-C LCD panel. Also, based on the system that Blockhead put together , I purchased a TV 3000 Scaler. The whole package cost $400 plus tax/shipping. Since I live in suburban Atlanta, I'm going down to pick up the equipment from Inv Solutions. This board has also given me lots of info for building my screen which I should be able to do for $50. I'll try to have some feedback and photos next week. I wonder how hot this thing will get? I'll probably need a couple of cooling fans.
Re: Screen?

Blockhead said:
What are you going to use for a screen?


I've considered a DaLite Screen from ebay or some other source. But since I'm in the DIY` state of mind, I'm going to try making one. I purchased a heavy weight drop cloth from Home Depot. It's made by Tufpro and is Butyl/Rubber coated fabric. It's 4'x15' so I can cut off a piece for experimentation. First, I'll try plain white and then I'm going to paint it with a metallic paint. I have to make a trip out to the west coast and won't be able to do any testing until next Thursday.