new Subwoofer Simulator

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greetings to everyone : )

It's past 4am; I apologize if this post is incomplete...

The updated version of Subwoofer Simulator is nearly finished. The (606kB) zipped file may be downloaded from

It's still freeware. The zipped file includes two project files namely shiva.ssp and tempest.ssp.

The new features are:

- tidy user-interface (compared to the old one described in the subsim site)
- load/save project file
- screenshot (in BMP format)
- group delay
- port excursion plots

Automatic saving of user-defined graph colors as well as writing FRD files will be enabled soon.

It still needs a few more finishing touches and hopefully little to no serious bug fixes.

I wanted to change a few things about the user-interface, but it's really almost finished, so I think I'll leave it as is for now. I want to go back to working on Crossover Simulator : )

Comments, suggestions, corrections and questions (and donations? shame on me I know lol) are always welcome.

be back later... gotta sleep... eyes closing... got to hit Submit New Thread... neurons misfiring already...


An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
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I downloaded the older version. It was very impressive except that I had trouble with the interface. I shall download this new version very soon.

One more point. With all the different enclosure types, did you include a picture of the enclosure type on the new version? As I recall, I had to keep referring back to your website to get a layout as to just which kind of box I was simulating.

At any rate, I admire you for undertaking such a project. It cannot be easy!!
:) :)
The previous version was pretty neglected :) , I didn't know much about GUI programming (and I still have a long way to go). The new version looks better and the local windows are more organized. Although the user would need to open the Graph Options | Color tab for reference when many curves are shown.

The finished, and updated version, will have the corrresponding box drawings, thanks for reminding me :D Adding the last features would have only taken a day or two, but just a while ago I was playing around with my very first prototype automatic enclosure optimization proceedures. I'm happy to announce that the solution works, but more testing needs to be done... so because of this it might be a few more days before I release the updated version.

Thanks for the kind words. The calculations were pretty straightforward. But the user-interface, and the needed source code for which, took a HUGE amount of time to build! :( But overall I'm quite satisfied with the results :)

hope you find it useful :)

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.