New *Stereo Audio* Diy-er

Hi Everyone,

New to the least as it pertains to loudspeaker/2.0 systems, and excited to learn more.

I've been a passionate music lover always, and for the last 10 years have invested my focus in headphone setups. These have been largely non-diy though in 2016 I pivoted to doing some mods of my phones/cables. What started as a detachable cable mod forme Grado 225i's...ended up as basically a completely custom set of cans haha (i hope some others can relate).

In 2019 i decided to take the plunge finally and invest in loudspeaker gear and this has REALLY opened my eyes to possibilities diy can provide for me in this space.

Excited to be here, excited to learn more about circuitry/ audio electrics, and excited to make some awesome stuff!