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New speaker build for my Simple SE

Have to show off my latest project, done except for the grills, and playing nicely with the SSE.

4.5 cubic foot 2Pi Towers designed by Wayne Parham, but with my own choice of tweeter, SB Acoustics SB-29. Woofer is the humble Eminence Alpha 10 which here, as in other designs, sounds a lot better than it should. First order crossover with a shunt resistor and just a .5 mH coil on the woofer. About 94/95 dB sensitive, a great match for the amp. Not bad, even, for the 45 amp resting between the speakers.

They sound really close to the GPA/Altec 604s I built for a friend a few years ago but the bass is tighter, although less (but not by much) deep and the treble is more neutral. Drivers are about 10% of the cost, too :cool: Imaging is first rate.

I've removed the "cigar box" TV speakers from the room and placed the horns (4Pis, still the King) on top of the dormant subs in their place.

A months toil in the spare bedroom has paid off in Spades.


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