New sound cards: interesting korean one, and creatives latest

I noticed a few reviews of a new korean sound card, and it has some cool features.


- Dolby digital encoding
- Optical and coax connectors
- Socketed op-amps (that they encourage you to upgrade)

Sad thing is the dissapointing rightmark audio test results (crosstalk and interference). If it wasnt for that it would appear to be quite a good card.

Then theres the new creative X-fi that supposedly increases the quality of your low bit mp3s.


- The X-Fi chip itself has 51.1 million transistors, 10 times more than Creative's previous chip, the 4.6 million transistor Audigy audio processor.
- 64mb of ram (on certain models)

Personally I hate EAX, I wish games would switch to DD somehow.
No comment on the cards per se, but

Good luck digitally manipulating low-fi data to get it better...:dead:

Wouldn't it be interesting if some Linux geek finds a way to run a computer-on-a-soundcard? That is WAY more processing power and RAM than old computers had. The amount of RAM on that card is more than all the hard drives in my house when I was a younger fellow.