New Snubber Board v.3 - Up in smoke

Hey All,

I have a single transformer wired to a single snubber board to run the amp boards in stereo. I checked the voltage on the secondaries before wiring them to the snubber and all was good... when I sent the juice to the populated snubber board, the bleeder resistors (r3, r4) went up in a blaze of glory. Do I need to do anything else before sending juice to it? I wanted to check the pg+/v+ & pg-/v- outputs before wiring it to the amp boards.

needlz said:
Hot d*mn... that's it. I was using a 2.2ohm instead of a 2.2K ohm for the bleeders.

I can't tell you how many times I have ordered the wrong resistors -- either adding or omitting a K. Oddly, this never happens at DigiKey and nearly always happens at Mouser. Fortunately I have never gone so far as to actually solder them down. I do wish, however, that people would use the "R" notation, i.e., 2.2Rohm as this would help me tremendously. It is hard to see that K in there and the presence of the R would force me to look for something. Maybe an R looks enough like a K that I'd screw it up anyway.