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New Seas Fullrange. Preorder now. Special Price.

Hi all,

Just like to introduce the new 8" Full Range Driver from the Seas Prestige Range.
At $124usd these are much more affordable then the exotics. And as a special introductory offer, we are accepting preorders for these at a very special price of $105.90usd each! Please note that if we get 10 or more preorders, we will order these within 2 weeks.

For more information please see the link below:

Seas Prestige FA22RCZ (H1597-08) 8" Fullrange Speaker

Thanks and Regards

Cameron Lett
Heres an easy way to work out shipping:

Parcels | New Zealand Post

1 pair of fa22rcz's weigh approx 4.2kg. Please enter on the dimensions section 250, 250, 200 for accurate courier options as the postal service does not require parcel measurements, just weight.


Anywhere in USA: $95nzd (3-10day) with tracking. $105nzd with insurance.
$113nzd courier option (2-6day) with tracking and insurance.

Anywhere in Finland: $110nzd courier option(3-6day) with tracking and insurance. Postage option (3-10day) with tracking and insurance $115nzd.
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