New SBA 7½” Satori Coaxial on the way

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We can all build our UniQ busters! :)
This does indeed look fun. Crossover looks like it might be tricky with a lot of dips and peaks in the breakup region to deal with.



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I have the W6-2313 so if (or when!) I get the new SBA coax, I'll be able to compare.
It took a while for me to come up with a XO I liked, but now they work fine.

The Lavoce includes a XO? The graph only shows the woofer/tweeter combination, not the individual curves.
I wonder how it will compare to the Tang Band W6-2313 ( and W8-2314 ( It’s not obvious to me if the Satori includes the crossover, although “high-pass Butterworth, 3.5 Hz, 12 dB/oct” is mentioned in the specs. The TBs do not come with a crossover as I recall.

Let’s try that W8 link again:
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That looks like a handful for a crossover design. Setting aside the peak and dip, the tweeter's Fs is right around where you'd expect to cross the woofer.

I actually tried out the combination of the SB26STCN, which is the closest to that tweeter in size with the MW19 woofer and it was not a pleasant experience. I wouldn't do that again.

I'd be much happier with a 5+1 midrange-based coax, coupled with some bass support. Like the Seas Excel magnesium coax.
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The satori coax has been in the coming section for like 6 months.

You'd want to cross this at about 2kHz and steep. Hopefully the loading the woofer cone adds to the tweeter will allow it to work that low or maybe a tad lower.

The tweeter isn't sensitive at all, which leads me to believe it's been optimised so that it can actually work better lower down, which it needs to do.

Woofer at first seems more sensitive but if you were to build a two way, with ample BSC the tweeter and woofer match fairly well.

The woofer is likely to have excellent midrange distortion as per it's satori brothers. We'll have to see how the tweeter does.
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