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Hi all. Started a new project today. Ive ordered 2 shiny new Satori MW16P-8 for my woofers and the mw29rn tweeters. Ive opted to build the 20L base reflex box. I am going to crossover at 2100 hz with a 2nd order butterworth. Has anyone used these drivers in a build i have read great reviews.

How did you determine crossover component values? Don't use on-line calculators. They assume the driver exhibits a flat impedance, a perfect FR response (no bumps or breakup) and also time aligned (are you installing the drivers on a flat baffle without voice coil alignment?) then your symmetrical crossover will be out of phase in the XO region (which butterworth filters are anyway) but with added VC offset. Look at the FR and impedance curves of both your drivers.... then you'll see they vary, plus the diffraction and baffle step compensation required within a box......... meaning your textbook crossover may work, but it won't bring out the best. You'll end up with a lumpy response, meaning a dull, bright etc... speaker depending on how your textbook filter lands.

Honestly - those are very good drivers and will benefit from a properly designed crossover.

We typically refer to the order and shape of a crossover by the resulting acoustic slope (that is natural driver slope + crossover = acoustic). So if you talk about 2nd order target or 4th order target (acoustic) slopes, you often require lower order electrical crossover slopes to achieve.
Consider building the diyAudio Kalasan with the $70 lower cost SB29RDC-4 dome tweeter plus passive L-R-C components which can meet ~ $275/speaker budget. Two cabinets discussed: slanted bafflle tilted - 8 degrees; pyramid
World Famous Designer Joachim Gerhard developed the Kalasan SB Satori monitor in a well documented diyAudio thread. Pyramid cabinet for diffraction control. MW16P-8 midbass + TW29R-4 tweeter.... you can swap the lower cost SB29RDC tweeter with little sonic difference. There is also a tilted - 8 degrees slanted baffle cabinet similar to Jeff Bagby's Satori Kairos(baffle tilted 14 degrees).

Joachim Gerhard final Satori Kalasan crossover 5.0 circuits from the Kalasan diyAudio thread. # 700
SB Acoustics Satori Monitor

SB Acoustics Satori Monitor

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