New Pass preamps

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jupiterjune said:
Ok, since I am such a generous guy I am willing to help out here. Papa-just send me one of the new preamps, and after completing an extended review session (app. 2 years), I will tell everyone how great it sounds.

No need to thank me, that's just the type of guy I am.


naah - that's just plain impossible ;

it's already common knowledge that Papa always send his new preamp TO ME , for extensive evaluation and testing .

dunno - am I so worthy guy , or is it fact that Serbian environment is so good for extensive testing ..........

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Manu said:

... but it would be charitable to tell more to agonizing greedy boys...

What is best what is worse

Cornelian choice for the one and only ...



knowing that Papa have few years more than famous Alex , in a moment when he rise a sword (on) to famous Gordy's creation........ is just telling me that he (Papa) must have even less doubts (regarding choices) than Alex himself ...........

ha , what a Engrish sentence ....from me ..........

georgehifi said:
Nelson hi, you said a while back in my Lightspeed Attenuator thread to a poster.
"...early this

Any news on when you may have this one done?

Cheers George

It's almost April... :D :devilr: (Me greedy and and impatient, asking for more...)

output555 said:
My post seems to be the victim of hijackers.

Staying on topic: What improvements can be heard from the new preamps?

You gotta hear it youself, it is beyond wordy explanation. :D


P.s. Choky gotta test it first, then he'll tell you, because Papa is too modest and he won't tell it here :rofl:

Just kidding. Of course everyone is impatiently waiting for new preamps/buffers/ equalizers...or even breadcrumbs....
Nelson Pass said:
They do, but it would be immodest of me to say more.

It would be intersting to know, from a technical point of view, what are the major differences between the new and the old pre-amp.
What's the main philosophy behind their design? For example, Spectral in their new series of pre-amp eliminated the external power chassis and the possibility to add the phono, too. Is this the case of the XP10, too? Why, on the other hand, the XP20 maintain the external power supply (if it is a power supply at all)?
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A few things on the new XP 10.
Starting with the power supply it uses a nice new low noise transformer, High speed diodes discrete regulators and new types of capacitors.

The gain circuit module is updated with new parts and a new configuration. Neutrik, Cardas and all that good stuff.

Everybody worked hard to make it sound great, long listening sessions and fine wines.

Nelson took one home this weekend to try out on the TAD RS1 speakers.
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