New owner of Acoustat Spectra 66's.

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I have been a long time owner of Acoustats since 1986. Over the years I have owned 2+2's, 1+1's, model 3's and Spectra 33's. I have enjoyed every pair I have listened to. I often read about and envisioned owning a pair of Spectra 66's but was doubtful a pair would ever become available for sale. My wish has come true. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful mint pair of Spectra 66's. They do everything better than any of the previous models I owned. The imaging is uncanny. Sound stage is both wide and deep. The layering and texture of the sound is sublime. I drive RV's, Vans and smaller trucks for a living. I was fortunate to have a run take me from Maryland to Soquel California. The gentleman who sold me the speakers met me where I delivered the truck, then took me to the San Jose airport to get the rental Van. Then I drove and followed him to his home to have a short listen then loaded up the speakers and my brother and I drove non stop from Soquel Ca. to Hagerstown Md. in less than 48 hours. After a good night sleep woke up and assembled the interfaces and bases to the panels and have been in Heaven ever since. Some upgrades were done to the interfaces and you can see the over sized cap that had to be mounted to the outside of the interface. The last picture shows the sector frequency assignments and the color codes.


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Congratulations on your new acquisition - you're running with the Big Dogs now!

I hate to burst your bubble, but I noticed that the interfaces are MK-2123, whereas they should be MK-2146 for the Spectra 44/4400 and 66/6600. The only real differences, other than the inclusion of the subwoofer output on the MK-2123, is that the MK-2146's low-frequency step-up ratio is lower to compensate for the increased panel area, and the values of the RC combining network and the values of the sector resistors are different to match the increased panel capacitance.

So, your speakers are not really optimized for six-panel operation, but you seem very happy with them. So I wouldn't lose any sleep over this discrepancy.
I saw I have on my Spectra 3s......looks like some one add a 15mf cap on the pos input ....were the stock 2123 has only a 1ohm res.... for driving 3 panels only...for full rang output....maybe the cap....crossover is there.... so theres not to much bass with 6 panels.....anyone know for sure?
Gess I could always add 3 more my 2123 Andy states....pic 1 MK-2146 ...pic 2 MK2123.......thanks


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