New Overhead ... New problems ... New Frustrations!

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I need some advice...
I Just purchase a Dukane 680 over ebay .
Like the auction said it was in great condition and powered up.

I had it running for a total 10 mins first time.
The second time i powered it 40 mins later and ran for 15 mins ... then the light flickered and shut off.

I waited 15 mins and tired again, it booted fine.
An hour later my first tried to turn it on, but didnt work.
There is power on the unit and both fans work, but no light .

I assume the light is dead (Lamp timer reads 550 hours)
I am a complete n00b to overhead... so im not sure.

Could it be a problem with the ballast? Or can I eliminate that as the problem since the unit powers up.
I really just want to hear that I need a new bulb and that the overhead is not broken.

If the light is burnt ... for anyone who has bought a 575w MH

Where did you get the best price?
Im in Quebec Canada, if anyone knows a place here or Ontario let me know, otherwise I will order it from the US.

The bulb was shipped in the overhead by UPS and the box was in bad shape... could this have affected it... even though it worked when I first got it.
As woneill said, check the main thread. What you are gonna have to do is change the ballast, bulb, and fixture to MH. This will cost a little in the begining casue of the ballast price but in the end alot cheaper. The MH setup will be around $100, but most of that is ballast price. MH bulbs are very bright per watt of power and the bulbs arent that expensive...I got mine for $22.00 and see them often for around $30+ on the net. The life of the bulb is far greater too.... so ther are your choices. Either change the light source over to MH or pay high prices for low life span for your current lighting setup.:(

For me its MH all the way!:D :cool:
Yes, I saw it was a MH but its a odd size. Plus OHP bulbs are more $ (385$) with less life- like 500 hours. So if he wanted cheap but long life bulbs($20-30) at 1500 hours, the only option is a 400watt or so avg. MH bulb and then the ballast to suport it. Total cost of the MH and ballast is $100 1/3 the other bulbs cost alone!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.