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New old Stock tubes for Sale

All are boxed and unused

Raytheon USA NOS wire ended tubes

5744WB single high mu triode my 70 ra 17.5k £4.50/pair
5787WA cold cathode 100V voltage stabiliser £2/pair
5702WB single triode mu 25 Ra 5k £4.50/pair
5703WB signal pentode £4/pair

GE 6197 Video output pentode , nice and linear . £5/matched pair

UK postage £3


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i Hi venerable member, regards from the island, one question, you can answer surely cause you are retired, why you sell this valves, and What for you can use them?
The best for you my brother.

It's going to be several decades before I will even be able to consider retiring :) The valves are suitable for audio , and are surplus to requirements , hence offering these items here at an attractive price