New OB build - RA CG12 Super

Hi all.

I salvaged 2 Richard Allan CG12 Supers from the local refuse station, and once I am sure that they are okay to use, I would like to build an OB system with these as the bass units.

I have the published tech details as supplied by ZeroD.

FS 32
Qms 2.55
Qes 0.11
Qt 0.105
Vas 7.63 cu Ft
No 6.3%
Cms (M/N) 7.83
Mms (gms) 31.6
BI (wb/m) 18.6

Can anyone advise if this driver would be suitable? And if so, how can I work out what tweeter would work, along with crossover component.

Sorry for so many questions, but a complete nubie when it comes to OB.

Thanks in advance.