new multibit CDP or keep and tweak the existing bitstream CDP ? help needed pls

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hi guys,i need some advice regarding my current system.

Its fairly a basic one that i put up together back during college time in 98 consisting a :

Marantz CD 6000 OSE LE, Rotel RA-971mk2, mission 702e floorstanders, Taralabs Prism Biwire, Audioquest Dimondback

Now I'll be gettin a new pair of floorstander something from the B&W,KEF,wharfedale league.

Also have something up on the amp side too - i thought of bypassing the pre-amp part of the integrated and and just make use of the power amp part of it paired with an Octave M7i tube based pre-amplier (DIY based on marantz m7)

The marantz is 1-Bit machine in a Dual-DAC(SM5872) configuration and in overall a very good CDP but lacks the dynamics and bass weight that i hear from my fren's NAD C542 .

i'm very keen on upgrading the source and I have 2 options in mind:

1) Tweak the CDP with
-chassis dampening
-clock tweak ( LC Audio,Audiocom or something similiar )
-replacememnt of HDAM to AD826 or probably LC Audio's Class A analugue stage.
-replace some caps around DAC's , power supply to better quality

2) Just get a new CDP - Azur640c,MarantzCD6002,NAD542 or something in that class .

Though overall build quality ,circuit design/components selection etc play a huge role on how a CDP or in fact any Hi-Fi components sound, I've noticed that more and more CDPs are goin towards multibit DACs.

For an example and if i'm not wrong , marantz used to use bitstream DACs in many of their models but have gone towards the multibit way on the recent models.
Is this to keep up with the multibit trend or purely performance factor.

1) does it really make a big difference between this 2 types of DACs ?

2)Shold i go ahead with the marantz upgrade or should i just get a newer CDP ?

Pls advice guys since honestly i'm quite confused on where to start rite now.:)
I have the Zapfilter2 on my Marantz CD-67SE and it sounds fantastic, but it is not directly compatible with the CD-6000 models as they have two DACs. Basically eight PWM signals to deal with, not four. You'd have to keep first stages of the existing analogue stage which kind of defeats the point.

The CD-6000 also has some (reputedly) jitter-inducing logic to split the I2S signals from the decoder to feed the two DACs, so gains from re-cloking may not be as high as with some machines either.

As far as I'm aware, Marantz now only use the Crystal range of DACs which are all Delta/Sigma just like the NPC DACs in your current machine. I haven't heard of any multibit machines in their line-up.

Chassis dampening, better feet, and bypassing (with wire) the output coupling caps (DC offset should be low but check after) should combined bring big benefits to the bass and won't break the bank.
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