New Member ... Ontario Canada

Having just joined, I suppose I should say a few words by way of introducing myself.

I've been an audio tinkerer since the late 1970s when I built a system from the ground up. I haven't repeated that since my original build was lost in a house fire. Of course that doesn't mean I don't love DIY electronics.

I spent most of my professional career in electronics ranging from Pro-Audio for a couple of years, then Two Way Radio for a few years. But the bulk of my time was spent servicing Office Automation and Computers. I did a stint as the National Service Administrator for the computer division of a large company and even got to play with robotics for a while. It's been an interesting 30 years.

These days I'm mostly retired and have been messing around with the newer Class D Mini-Amps from China and reworking mid-price speakers. My friends will call it an obsession but I call it fun. I like to take a small system and see just how far I can push it.

Hoping for some interesting conversations....