New member greet


2010-09-25 8:36 am
Hey there.

Another new member to the forum.
Have a big intrest in diy'ing, but not enaughe time to diy as much as i would like to.

Been reading steady for about two years about amps and speakers and are on my way with my first project wich will be a pair of SEAS Idunn standmount speakers.
Buildt in veniered?? mdf with merbau baffels and backplates. Building it with slave driver instead of bassport.

Im from Norway by the way. 36 years, married with two kids. 1 and 2 years old.

Welcome! As you have two children (Congrats!), you're not as vulnerable to the DIY mania as I am. It can be very time consuming ...

Perhaps you rethink the merbau veneer if you get aware that it goes along with the ruthless exploitation of the West Papua rain forests. There is no FSC certified merbau! :down: Go to here and do a search for merbau please.

Apart from that you chose a nice speaker project!