New member from Norway


My name is Anders and I am from Norway. As some may understand from my username, I am a motorcyclist.

I haven't built any stereo / hifi equipment in 30 years, but in the late seventies I built an amp, speakers and a FM tuner.

Later I made a DRO for my milling machine and I have also done some small projects for motorcycle use.

My professional life as an engineer have been spent as a software developer, but my education was mainly for electronics.

The electronics / hifi diy interest is emerging again, and my first attempt will be a tone arm. The next might be a complete turntable, and I might also try a class A amp or RIAA, even a DAC might be nice.

It all started during Christmas, when our Jean Marie Reynaud speakers needed repair. Not that strange after 30 years of use. That got me thinking about trying to improve the sound system in our living room. And in my case, "improving" often means "making and modifying" instead of "buying".

Thank you.