New member from France


I'm thrilled to have finally joined diyAudio community after so much time spent reading post on the forums.

I'm an amateur guitar player and I started building tube guitar amps from kits and from scratch for about a year now. "Princetone" is a homage to my first amp build, a tweed Princeton (which I play everyday). I plan to get on audiophile amp territory aswell.

See you around :cool:
Maybe you could even promote guitar amplifiers. The Valve Wizard being a very good UK site for information. Strangely a very good source of valve circuits equally well explained for hi-fi. I know Montpellier area although it's been maybe fifteen years since I visited. Might I recommend the ruins of the Roman villa near Lunel. It's peaceful and was free parking. It's close to the autoroute. It's there I discovered railway gauge is the same as chariots. There are grooves from the wheels in the roadway.
Yes guys there are three source of valve information I use . Valve Wizard. Morgan Jones and tube Cad. The latter is semiconductor also. My ex mother in law lives in Tournai Belgium. Apparently my all time hero Jean Hiraga lives 10 kM away. Gogny also a hero French engineer. I almost ended up owning ERA turntables. That's another boring story..

Tisbury is our local nice village. The French market visited. To my astonishment Tisbury people can speak French. That's like walking on water! Dorset is very French. It has a land border with England.