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hey there people.i just joined this forum as i have blown my jamo gf25 speakers,or at least i think ave.i took them to a party where they was running from a kenwood 100w per channe amp powered by a petrol the end of the day they wouldnt work,so i took the cabinets aprt for a closer look and found some thing had came disconneted from some where,im not sure is a rectangled shape white material with metal wire at either end.iv searched the internet and i think they may be resistors of some sort but im not sure .both speakers are like ths.if any 1`s got any info on how to fix or where these tiny white rectangle mite need to be re connected
here some pics of the speakers.i dne the 9v baterry test on the subs and 1 doesnt work.t was only 1resistor that had came seperated from the crossover.but both speakers don not produce any sound.any ideas how to put it right.please


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If you have the resistor back & it still doesn't work, get a DVM (multimeter). With the amp disconnected and on the lowest resistance scale, measure the speakers. Should measure 8 ohms or 4 ohms. If they don't, they are burnt out. Separate the different ones to see if only one is open (infinite resistance) or all of them. Then buy replacements from (germany?) or someplace closer. I think RS is UK. Farnell doesn't do speakers.