New material for treating the insides of the box?

We have all heard of glasswool, polywool and the likes when it comes to lining the innards of the box. But have you heard of coir mats? coir is the fibre retrieved from coconut and then treated and rolled into sheets of various thickness. These are generally used as fills in furniture industry. Often these sheets are treated with rubber to protech individual threads from weathering and rotting.

A friend of mine has used 1X1 inch thick sheet as lining in his box with good success. This material is highly handlable, non toxic etc. etc. I want to know whether anybody has scientific data on the absorption coeefficients on this material.

Forum members from tropical areas would have some information on this and I request them to contribute.
New Material for Treating Box Insides


Coir is serious material. I have made some enquiries and found out that coir mats have been used around here in auditoriums. Just imagine a 2X2" MFD board and then imagine the same board as made up o tiny fibrous springs! There you have coir mats.


I dont have photos yet. Will try to procure some.