New ludicrous turntable


2009-07-23 2:16 pm
Play it again Sam!:D

Now that is overkill, with added overkill and a side order of overkill!

Forbidden planet meets the wizard of Oz.

Looks like the Krell had a hand in it, and ergonomics went right out the window. No mere human being is going to be able to reach the platter safely in order to play records on that thing.
And to think we thought, way back when, the ROCKPORT was the endpoint of absurdity.

To each his own but that thing is vulgar and ugly. You would think for such an exalted price it could have some grace and elegance.

Reminds me of Mercedes Benz cars - they used to be stolid, no nonsense, mostly elegant, machines and then, culminating in the utter strangeness to my eyes, of what they are producing now. So many gadgets even Ford and GM are shaking their heads.

When I was a kid we laughed at how ludicrously gadgety and over-styled the cars our domestic industry produced.

AS Sir Guy Grand remarked in THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN; "what's going on over there?"

And then there is BMW, the "ultimate driving machine" (I call them the ultimate phone booth) working feverishly on self-driving cars. Ultimate riding machine?