New Line Array - 16 x TC9FD18

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Several boxes of new old stock arrived with me today. I have 64 TC9FD18 drivers to work with. What should I do? :)


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I have been considering a clever but short side exit exponential stuffed aperiodic port per driver or a group of drivers. I need to find Leonard Audio again so I can sim the box resonances.


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Whipped up a quick baffle. Making the back box now. Not sure about the “wave guide” exit. I may be more scientific about that later. I might wrap the baffle in red leather and paint the back box black.


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Nice job :) You have access to some really nice tools to make speakers with. I've just bought myself a CNC kit to be able to make things that would be difficult without it.

Did you model the effect of the cavity you have introduced in front of the drivers in ABEC? I'm interested because if I was to make another cabinet for my array I would want to try some things out in ABEC before I committed to building.
My aircraft interiors business has a machine shop so lots of CNC toys here.

I’ve smoothed the exit out a bit with an ellipse radius in solidworks.

At this shallow depth I don’t know if the vertical arrangement will work. Here’s a pic of the smoother version.


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Those problems will be much worse using a smaller line of drivers if you were to only use one of your 16 driver arrays. 75% floor to ceiling coverage plus is where an array becomes most like the theoretical infinite array.

Awesome finish on the baffle :)

Some Fibreglass felt and wires and you will be away.
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