New life for the old B&W 110i


2018-08-01 12:02 pm

I have old B&W 110i with drivers broken. I want to use the enclosure in another project

Freq. res. 70hz - 20kHz
Cabinet size 25L
Height: 490mm Width: 260mm Depth: 250mm
Port inner diameter now 50,50mm
Port length now 70mm

Driver i want use in the enclosure is HDS-P830874 Peerless


DC ResistanceRevcOhms6.55.0%
Energy Bandwidth ProductEBP(1/Qes)*fs
Minimum ImpedanceZminOhm s7.32 7.5%
Moving MassMmsg17.3
Voice Coil InductanceLemH0.42
Suspension ComplianceCmsum/N434.3
Resonant FrequencyFs Hz 58 15%
Effective Cone diameterDcm13.5
Mechanical Q FactorQms2.29
Effective Piston AreaSdcm^2143.1
Electrical Q FactorQes0.53
Effective VolumeVasL12.5
Total Q FactorQts0.43
Motor Force FactorBLTm8.82
Ratio Fs/QtsFFs/Qts135.2
Motor Efficiency Factorß(T*M^2)/Ohms12
Half Space Sensitivity @[email protected]/1MdB88.44+/- 1.0db
Voice coil former MaterialVCfmASVHalf Space Sensitivity @1W/[email protected]/1MdB88+/- 1.0db
Voice coil inner diameterVCdmm32.41
Gap HeightGhmm6
Rated Noise PowerPW75
Maximum Linear ExcursionXmaxmm5.3
Test Spectrum Bandwidth 50Hz - 4kHz

What would be the new port length and inner diameter?

I can make the enclosure smaller if needed
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