New Jersey Audio Society DIY Event!

The NJAS will hold its first DIY event in South Orange, on Sunday October 24th -- 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Community Room (St. Joseph Hall.)

I am going to bring a couple of my Pass Amplifiers, the Thors (unmodified, completely as the AX 2002 article), and a pair of Metronomes, a few RIAA pre-preamps. Will have a REAL NELSON PASS amplifier for comparison with the F5, F4 and F3. Hopefully Jersey Central Power and Light will be able to keep us supplied.

There might even be a Thor bake-off -- keep your fingers crossed!

Contact me via the DIYAUDIO email system for details and to make sure I have enough chairs.

Light refreshments will be served.
Looks like we will have the Seas/Madisound/d'Appolito THOR bake-off. One unit conforms exactly to the specs in the AX article, even to the routing of the mids and tweet. the second is consistent with the original design, but modified in certain aspects of the construction materials used. This should be interesting (the original THORs are mine, just put together 2 weeks ago).

I am bringing SY's "His Master's Noise" RIAA preamp, a somewhat simplified version of Joachim's "Rabbit Hole" RIAA preamp, and the Tritschler "anode follower" RIAA preamp along with a couple of Nelson Pass amplifiers and some stock stuff.

Oh, the XYL is making eggplant parm for the event!