New in Abbotsford BC Canada


2008-03-23 10:18 pm
Hello - I am new here but have been a HT guy for quite a while. I joined because I found some very interesting info here on speaker building. I have been building my home theatre for the last few years and have finally gotten rid of my Paradigm ps1200 sub and am about to build a replacement. The project is basically 2 car audio 15's in sealed boxes driven by a high power Pro Audio TOA amp - (rated at 900w rms bridged into 8ohms according to the manual). The subs are Audiobahn aw1500q DVC. Probably not excellent musicality but should provide lots of HT appropriate low end. I will post some pics in the project section.

HT consists of:

Room is 12' x 22'

Legacy luminance processor DD DTS
Rane MA6 - 6 channels @ 150 rms
Furman digital power conditioner
Toshiba HD-DVD A3 player
TOA P-1090d 900w rms @ 8oms!!!!
Motorola digital cable box
Toshiba 5 disc DVD player
AMC multi-room controller
AudioControl Phase Coupled Activator
All equipment is rack mounted flush in the wall

Mission 7 series speakers in front and center
Paradigm titan rear speakers
(2) Audiobahn AW1500q DVC subs

Draper 1:1 electric 100" screen
Infocus lp340 DLP projector



diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2003-01-18 7:57 am
Near London. UK
Welcome to the forum! I'm don't know what all your home theatre stuff is, although I understand that DLP projectors are rather nice (don't watch enough television to justify one). As you've already discovered, there are plenty of knowledgeable loudspeaker people on this forum.