New idea: Make a thick ribbon thinner


2004-11-03 6:03 am
I just came up with an idea I haven´t seen before.

Materials for thin ribbons are hard to find and handle. Why just not use thicker materials and after a ribbon has been cut, then make it thinner?

You can use acid like ferric chloride. Test how long it takes to dissolve you foil totally. Then just calculate how much it takes to have right thickness. Put a cut ribbon into liquid, wait exactly the right time and take it out. Wash gently in slightly caustic water to neutralize pH on the ribbon. :)

While I personally do laminates, thought to do the same thing for them. But it´s harder.

You can slide a laminate over some kind of grinder with constant speed and have exactly right tension. After each turn measure thickness. Or then just have an area which has been grinded more and stop when it wears out. You should have an (self-made) equipment to do that but in theory this is possible. :)