New here Kicker ZX 1000.1 help identify burnt transistors

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Okay so long story short some butt hole spilled cola on my amp and I took it apart to clean and noticed I had a little bit of carbon. Took off heat syncs and there was 2 burnt up transistors. I have not pulled them yet because I want to identify them before I do. I would like as much detailed help as possible. Such as where to find them. What values do I need or equivalent replacement part numbers. Thank you in advance....
Okay here we go


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I hope nothing else is going to be bad on that board. I've been looking for other damaged parts but haven't found any as of right now. Unfortunately I am not very knowledgeable on these class d amplifiers they are somewhat intimidating at first but I'm not the kind of guy who won't try to fix something before he pays someone else to do it m
Let me know if you need anything else but I need to know what part numbers I need to order to replace each and every one of the transistors please


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The Kicker tech will be here later to give more specific answers.

The IRF3205s will all need to be replaced. Any of the 100 ohm SMD gate resistors that are out of tolerance will also need to be replaced. I'd replace all of them. It'e easy and they're cheap.

You need to clean all of the soot. If the burning is superficial, a simple cleaning with acetone will be sufficient. If the board has been carbonized, you will have to cut away any conductive fiberglass.

Some of the driver transistors (Q24-27? near the TL594) have likely failed as well. The Kicker tech will tell you what he prefers to use. Many will work but you may as well use what he suggests.

I don't know why you posted the photos of the other components. Were the output transistors shorted?
Semiconductors that are in poorly designed circuits can degrade but in general, semiconductors are easily good for 20 years or more. I have test equipment with transistors made in the late '60s (when they were new tech) that still work perfectly.

I don't like people replacing perfectly good parts for no good reason but you don't have to be concerned about my pet peeves. I will say this to warn others (doesn't apply to any Kicker amps that I know of). Some manufacturers use parts that are intentionally mismarked. Removing those ICs and installing parts with the markings that they used will result in an amp that will not work.

Which post #?
It's on post #12 it's melted as well. I couldn't read the numbers on it obviously.... But I wasn't aware of that. If that's the case I'm not going to make extra work out on myself nor do I wish to fix something which isn't broken. I'm new to amplifier repair. I'm not definitely in much need for good advice so anything to help I'm most grateful for. Thank you for your help in this matter. I appreciate it ver very much.
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