New here have Q: Alps 50/100k selectable - how to select?

Description from seller says " 50/100k selectable" , it means you have a choice to select 50k or 100k variant , by messaging to seller. If markings on potentiometer says 50k or 503 , it's 50k version. I very doubt if there's any need to make dual potentiometers with different resistances, for stereo you need matched .
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The part number says 50k, and brand says generic. Just return it and get the genuine Alps 100k,
which costs more than the $5. generic pot. Also, Alps does not make the RK27 with a knurled shaft.

You may be able to use it anyway, if the 50k value works in your circuit, and if the unknown quality is ok.
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They're both 50k out. I get 100k only if I measure across Right-out to Left-out
I'm thinking it's 2 separate pots, one for left, one for right.
I guess the next question is would 50k work just fine?
If its 2 separate pots, then how could you measure from left out to right out and get 100k? It should be infinite if they are completely separate.
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Though linear taper ones cancel out(*) the distortion if the wiper current is negligible - which is one reason the Baxandall volume control circuit performs really well.

(*) The two arms of the track either side of the wiper carry identical current, so their voltage ratio is insensitive to non-linearity of the track material - even carbon tracks can perform well. Logarithmic pots won't get precise cancelation due to the different current densities at different parts of the taper. And if the track isn't uniform (low quality) the cancellation also suffers.