New here, been a while, stopped in to visit

Designed both tube and SS high-end equipment throughout the 90's until another company/project involving a long-term battle with the government about using a patented system we invented. Was a lock for a big payoff, at least we thought. Got hosed in the end. Our exact system is still is in use everyday as a Federal madate with several manufacturers making big dough selling consumer/corporate hardware. Go figure. Needless to say, the audio business that was successfully growing (Stereophile ClassA & B Components, AbsoluteSound Recommended Component, Glass Audio, Audio Mag, Wired, BoundForSound, others I can't remember the names of) had to take a back seat unfortunately and came to a final halt after about 11 years.

Anyway, haven't really been in the audio scene for some time and haven't even had a complete system set up in my house for almost 6 years believe it or not. My music outlet has been audio recording/mixing at my church and playing guitars and piano in my home at my leisure. Was looking for something on google and this website popped up. Man, if the internet had been what it is today back in the early 90s, there would probably be many more of those companies still thriving. Enough blabbing. Nice to see all of you guys/gals are enjoying and perpetuating the worthwhile cause of satisfying music playback. I'm not sure where to put this, but the tube section seems about right.