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2016-06-21 12:26 pm
Hi audio fans - I am a new member who is disabled, a lifelong music nut, as well as 30 years electronics experience. I recorded at Capitol in the 70's - no stardom, but I learned alot using their Neve console. Now i am releasing a line amp of my own design using Carnhill transformers, all discrete class A circuitry - passive inductor eq - and inserts for compression ad parametric eq. i am looking for people willing to demo my stuff and write TRUE reviews based on head to head comparisons with their own gear. But i don't know what I should offer to encourage this. Should I offer discount on purchase - free use for x days or free unit? I am open to all suggestions. Thank you very much I look forward to any comments/replies. Gary Ferguson


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2003-08-03 11:43 am
Hi Gary and welcome to diyAudio.

If your doing commercial stuff you should start a thread in the vendors bazaar. You are more than welcome to post non commercially in the normal forums.

As for your question about reviews, I'm really not sure where you should ask!