New Freeware PC VST Audio Plugin: Ixahe Audio - MyLim

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Hi, always nice to see free VST plugins :) However, unless i'm doing something wrong, i found that even with the Threshold set @ -3db i could hear distortion ! Any more than that & it gets really nasty !!

Apart from Thr, what do the other parameters mean & do ?

Is there some way we can demo your paid Plugins ?


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Those are just internal parameters, nobody probably wants to tweak.

You have the standard GUI conrtol Thr, and then LA, which sets the lookahead amount, which is at a very optimal setting. I included the setting if any really wanted lower or higher. Usually they won´t, so I didn´t include it in the GUI. Overfir, sets overfiltering amount, set to 1 which is typically acceptable, since the 1 sample over can typically be clipped for little difference in sound.
Flsob Adj, is a little control I just made for listening tests, for tuning the FIR filter sidelobes a little.
Ignore sets a minimal dB that goes through processing, to avoid denormals and division by zero errors etc.
Splash is the splash screen you get in the gui when clickling the logo :)

Remember if threshold is at -3dB, output will clip if set to 0dB. Then you need threshold at 0dB.
Hi, the new version keeps crashing when adjusting some of the other parameters, not Threshold though. ! Also it still sounds awful when limiting more than about -3db. I know you mentioned using with a comp too, but it shouldn't distort that badly at that level.

This doesn't inspire confidence for people to purchase the paid products. And as there are no demo's of them, even less !

Hope you can fix it.

This is just a freeware limiter, that doesn´t aim to do any leveling like in other products. So you need to do that yourself.

I am restructuring my website atm, but I can have a look at parameter adjustment bug later. Those parameters were only designed for adjusting things while engineering, so they aren´t really meant to be adjusted. And there are no boundschecks, so it could be only that.

Best Regards.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.