New Festool Rip Saw

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A Very nice expensive tool.
I could justify one if I was doing a reptitive type of procedure like their commercial video.
The plunge feature would take some getting used too since typical skilsaws never do this
This type of product probably will never be used by the majority of people that need a skilsaw though.
A small niche product for a particular style of user doing things Festools way instead of your way.
Still a nice product at a nice price!
Amusing that it arrives on the US market so late.
The 55R has been available here for well over a year, started at $750 with guiderail, now $780 retail, but down by 20% at some shops.

(serves you right, teaches you folks not to ship US cars over a year after 1st release)
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I was only speaking of the 55R model, they're already offered used on our local ebay.
Initially thought of getting the 75R, figured I could save my shoulder the pounds.(already have a 14'' blade Makita circular saw)

Much like everything German, e.g. Knipex pliers, Gedore tools. Swiss for measuring tools, as e.g. calipers.
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That's rare stuff.

Common as muck here, average fully trained construction carpenter has a collection of the finest in his van.
Up till the real estate bubble popped, the majority was selfemployed, IRS has a special registration for single independents.
Company registered vans are exempt of luxury tax on cars, plus sales tax, saves half the money.
Main reason why most in construction went selfemployed (subcontractor), and drive the fanciest turbo-diesel Mercedes or Volkswagen transporters, really wild ones used to do Ram SRT-10's. (half of those are now trying to eat their superduper van)

Wood/expanded PU core/glassfiber roving sandwich on a stringer/crossframe/bulkhead skeleton, all-epoxy.
Epoxy laminated steel spaceframe for the retractable keel, draught from 2'7'' up to 7ft all down. =>
All diy, up to the welded stainless steel railing, machined scepters and propeller shaft.

I'm 3/4 down renovating my home, 1935 former private orphanage, three floors plus large attic & all-concrete cellar, ~5500sqft.
Everything from woodwork to plumping & electricity. Eats tools, every replacement is an investment to save time and hassle.
(i'm not into borrowing money, most folks find me tiresome)

Even after a dozen years, still not used to the name change from Festo to Festool.


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The guide/fence cost as much as the saw(s).
Thinking someone could design/sell a retro kit for a typ. saw like a Skilsaw 77. (e.g new base and extruded alum guide)

Easy to make a rip fence with 1/4" ply and 1x2 (8' long), they'll last a long time, but nowhere as good as Festool.

My only complaint about the Festool guide, no extra alum on "left' for clamping; although the rubber strips on the back of the guide work well.

$550 for a circular saw!
Awesome, Jacco.
10" hand held circular saws are not so common on this side of the pond.
The house sounds cool. Would love to help with the renovations. Our next will be timber built barn style with big open main hall(for music of course), wings off to the side, and master loft.
How much home-reno BS can you handle ?

The piccy I just pinched from the web, and it's not a plunger.
Image of the Makita :
Likely not sold in the US, weighs 31lb, over $1k, sometimes I have to saw thicker than 4''.
I have a 16'' circular table saw (3-phase) in the barn, got tired of having to walk up and down 1-2 stairs all the time, better for my knees.

My best ever investment in a tool :
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Radiant heat flooring in concrete. Exactly what I will use in the next home. I will probably put laminate over top, as I am unsure about how solid wood will handle heat. Best router you can buy is made in Australia, Triton. AS good as any two combo router set that I have ever used. Fine quality tool.
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