New enclosure for my full rangers (Supravox 215 SB)

Hey guys,

In my current room I don't have enough space to put huge open baffles like I could in my old room ( ).

So now I'm thinking of making a sealed enclosure or semi-open box, that can fit on my (large) desk.

These are the specs:
(note the high qts)

47 Labs Hotei speakers are semi-open, I think:

By the way, I play mine equalized (digital equalizer Behringer 8024).

Do you guys have any good ideas? I'd like to keep the size manageable but on the other hand I don't want to degrade the sound too much (obviously).

If the design works out though, I think it could be a good speaker for other people as well (in combination with the equalizer) as it's much more easier placeable compared to a humongous open baffle.
OK you could try an aperiodic standmount. 24in x 12in x 15in (HxWxD). Driver 12in down from the top, and either two of those Scan Speak aperiodic vents on the back if you're feeling lazy or make your own. Dimensions are internal. Box is damped 0.6lbs ft^3 of material. There's a slight lift below 100Hz to add a touch of richness.


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