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new Dynaco PAS upgrade kits forum

Hi all,

I created a new forum where we can discuss about all of the Erhard Audio Dynaco PAS upgrade kits, https://www.erhard-audio.com/EA-Forum/index.php
This forum is very new, so there are not many members as yet, but there are a few posts covering some updates and changes we've made to some of the upgrade kits.
This is an exclusively Erhard Audio PAS upgrade kits forum only, for any general Dynaco PAS preamp questions or other make/brands of kits, it is best to keep discussing those here at diyAudio.
I look forward to seeing you at our new forum.

Erhard Audio

ps. yes, I did get permission from diyAudio to post this :)
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I do not know how many original Dynaco PAS preamp's are still around, but I keep being amazed year after year on how many upgrade kits we keep selling.
Our PAS upgrade kits have been on the market for over 20 years now. I bought the business around 10 years ago now, and since since then, apart from our clone preamp kits, every other upgrade kit has been fully revised and upgraded to better circuits.
Yes, our kits will fit into the original PAS chassis, the preamp's etc are the same size.
You can see all the different kits we offer on our web site, the link to the web site is in my signature, then navigate to the PAS upgrade kits pages.
We even offer a new generation PAS preamp kit, just like the old Dynaco PAS kits, this kit is complete with chassis, all the pcb's and parts, hardware, new face plates etc..