new drives for scph-1002

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I have an SCPH-1002 and bought a new laser unit/drive for it via ebay. The drive that I've got had an other plastic shield on top (the top-plate) than the original one so it did not fit in the original enclosure. With the loss of one plasic nose (on the shield) the two shields could easily be exchanged and like this the new drive fitted very well.

As far as I know, almost every drive of the PS1 will work in the scph-1002. The only thing that changed by the time was the shape of the top-plate but even the wholes for the screws stayed in the same place. The electronic contacts did'nt change also. You can change the top plate (like I did) with the loss of a plasic nose that does not fit or you can easily modify the enclosure.

If you look at the pictures under (in German) you will see that the laserunits are almost of the same shape.

I like my SCPH-1002 very much.

I bought mine via e-bay in germany. It was called a laser-unit what means, it's the complete drive. It costed about 20€. Except for the excange of the top-plate it worked out of the box.

The SCPH-1002 has some problems with some burnt CDs. Some types of CD-R don't work - it seems like the SCPH-1002 has problems finding the track. But if you copy the CD-R to another type of CD-R it works. Sometimes (with some CD-R-types) it is sufficient to remove the CD from the drive and insert it again (I know that sounds courious, but the SCPH-1002 is a curious thing).

You will be surprised by the sound of this little piece of (rather cheap) plastic. In my opinion it sounds better than most CD-Players I'ver heard yet. It's not like an Audionet V2 but it sounds great. It's always a matter of taste, but in my ears the SCPH-1002 sounds very analog. Compared to other CD-Players like the Linn Karik e.g. it does not sound that sharp, it sounds more like a turntable. I would say the sound is a little like a good tube amp. On the other hand, the SCPH-1002 is not as fast as many other CD-Players, depending on the music and on your taste, that could be a disadvantage. The imaging is not disturbed by this.

But try it, it does not cost that much money and I'm shure, you will be surprised. Like I was and like a lot of people who heard my one where.

I think it is necessary to spend another 10€ for a remote control - any remote control for the PS2 will do the job (Stop is on the Select button). And use good chinch cables (I don't believe in cables normally but with the SCPH 1002...).

Have a lot of fun!
I have a 1002 with the drive taken from a PS One (the latest version of the PS !, the small box in light grey). You only have to change the top case of the 1002 a little bit by widening the "openings" for the drive. It only takes about a quarter of an hour.

The 1002 sounds real fine, but I agree that there are better CD-player around. But for their price they can hardly be beaten.
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