New designs -> ML-TQWTs for TangBand W3-871S in a home theater

Now I have it calibrated with a THX-DVD and I must say the phase adjustement brought these speaker beyond my expectations !!

A friend built me a stand for the right speaker, putting it at ear level.

I did dozens measurements to optimize the listening position, and I got a good surprise : the front satellites had to reach 70Hz with a peak, and they reach 60Hz with ease and with linearity ! (see graph)

I changed webhosting for an add-free one :

If you visit the site, notice the left corner is not a corner : it is just the fireplace, in the middle of the living room in fact.

The following impressions only concern the front sats : the center speaker cannot operate fullrange, and it is of no use for stereo reproduction anyway.

I found these enclosures good as soon as I heard them, and with the new DVD player and the phase adjustment I find them awesome :bigeyes: : the details level is very good, the reproduction is perfectly natural and the stereo image wonderfully precise. Highs are airy, not to say fairy, and they don't lack at all (the graphs where taken at 4m with non-synchronized pink noise, and I have a bad soundcard : it explains the decreasing high end).

I really enjoy music on them now, without any sub, these speakers sound magic.
And movies effects are perfectly located in the space due to fullrange units. I've just watched Star wars II and Spiderman and WoW ! the sounstage is impressive ! What to say, I don't miss any effect, micro-detail, broken window...

One thing I regret now : the sub is too bad for them ! :D

Comments & suggestions welcome !


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