New company launch


2016-01-26 12:46 am
I am the manufacturer. What is difference between mfg. and vendor forum?

Also is it ok to give web site address here or does that info have to go to other forums?

Im sure at this point someone will say " read the rules". I have but not sure I understand finer details.

The reason I ask is it looks to me that posting such info on a vendor forum involves my opening up a thread to answer ongoing questions etc. I cannot make that commitment in time in a way that would be responsible at this time so looking for ways to simply make it known,maybe release web site.
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Website first, then press release, then PR...

Hi Lowmass,

I would suggest making up a professional 1 page press release detailing your product USP's and features /benefits, main specifications and any important information about you / your manufacturing experience / skills / special equipment / patents etc.
Basically a one page press release which will leave journalists & potential customers with a " That sounds interesting & worth checking out" response.

Submit that to the administrators here on DIY and ask their advice on how best to proceed.
Plus I suggest making a $100 or $200 donation to the site as this shows you are a serious professional and intend to support your product as well as helping the site continue to enable you to reach a vast DIY market.

The same press release will also be ideal to send out to all 1,000's of online audio websites / magazines and hard copy trade publications that may well want to add your press release to their "News" sections.

One word of caution, do do any of the above until your website is 100% ready with excellent product photographs and all the product information you can show, about us, news and facebook page ready for customers to explore.
You only get one chance at a first impression and if you blow it by sending potential customers to a "under construction" website or one that does not look good you are dead in the water!

Hope this helps and all the best