New build discussion - Bass Horn - RA CG12S

Hi all.

What started off as a find at the local dump site, a pair of Richard Allan CG12S with the corresponding mid-range, tweeters and XO's has now on recommendation morphed into a bass horn project - how the hell did I get here from an OB suggestion? :eek:

The T/S details are below for these drivers and I have modded in Hornresp, which is suggesting a horn of a volume of 2359.743 liters and I am thinking of building 2 of them, I must be mad, but I have the space in my man cave, so WAF does not come into it :D but the SPL at the freq range I am interested in is very impressive.

Can I please prevail on the collective wisdom of the forum members with any suggestions, hints, drug recommendations for the insanity that is building speaker cabinets.

FS 32
Qms 2.55
Qes 0.11
Qt 0.105
Vas 7.63 cu Ft
No 6.3%
Cms (M/N) 7.83
Mms (gms) 31.6
BI (wb/m) 18.6


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just a guy

2006-05-12 6:59 pm
Does that say Aug 1974? These are very likely at the end of their life so I'm not sure I would want to spend much on enclosures for them.

For the amount of money you will spend on wood alone for a couple of 2300 liter horns you could buy some brand new state of the art drivers, materials to build reasonable sized horns, and maybe a bit left over for amplification and digital processing (eq, crossover, delay).

My vote is no, but that's just personal opinion.

(BTW, you could make horns for these that are a lot smaller than 2300 liters if you wanted to, but I still wouldn't do that for 40 year old drivers.)
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