New Amplifier website

Well here goes...................... As a recent member of this site, let me fist say, "Keep up the great work everybody!" I have been reading the posts here for many months now and I still can't get enough. With that I thought that I would add my two cents worth and offer up a web site that I have recently become aware of.

The address is

I have been pouring over the K6 amp ever since I first saw it in 1995 and I am happy to see that it is still available. The new K7 is a scaled down version of the K6 and still a nice looking design. I actually had to write the company a letter, (Ya.. snail mail!) just to find out if they were still is business. I was told that their site does NOT show up on any search engines (shame shame to their webmaster) so this is why I had been unable to find them for so long.

With that, I thought that I would offer up and see what kind of feedback I could generate.

Let me know what everyone thinks…………….