New amp design

Well here it is i finaly got is and scanned it. it is my dads layout and design but here it is have a look any sujestions are welcome.. it is a fet design and produces about 75watts class ab



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Here is a FET amplifier that appeared in a DIY magazine. Its work perfect, the first and second stage are stabilized and the sound is very good. I know to advise.
Isaw your amplifier pictures and I think the long wires with MOSTFETS is bad idea. Mosfets has big input capacity and your amplifier will maybe to generate.I think would be better if you would to build the FETS on the PCB.The DIY magazine also built directly on the PCB the FETS.
Good Luck!


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actualy im going to make the wires smaller ( less longer) and use that.. ill have to power it up via variac this weekend.. see how she works then ill put the othere channel togethere and make them a stereo set im thinking about make ing small mono blocks and then building the e-holton hitachi lateral amps after that way i have some thing to do..

Actually it's not the length that's important. But the cross sectional area which is. Its just the lead inductance which causes the instablity and you reduce that by using thick wire.
However there is a point of deminishing return, where length does come into play and causes instablity.


Anthony E Holton